Go Tracer

October 30, 2009

Sjoerd and I like to play Go. If we can’t finish a game because it gets too late we sometimes photograph the game in order to finish it later. The downside is then that we’ll have to setup the exact same board position again, a tedious job not fit for a lazy programmer 😉

scanned go board

scanned go board

Enter Go Tracer. With this tool which we built in our spare time, it is possibe to scan the game board, so you can finish the game later on the computer. The way it works is that you first mark the 4 corners of the board and then you download the game as an .sgf file. We do this by loading the image into a canvas element and then we measure the color for the 361 (19×19) points of the board using getimageData().

Give it a try!


So we made 13th place on the Mathematika programming contest! After an initial delay of 1.5 hours, Sjoerd Visscher, Martijn van Steenbergen and I, under the name ‘X42’, finally got started at 11:30 am and programmed until the early evening. Martijn and I had a hard time, getting our butts kicked by some serious math puzzles but Sjoerd, having a more mathematical background, made the day. Of a total of 13 problems we solved 11, 10 of which where due to Sjoerd! 🙂

So this is my new place now

November 3, 2007

Here at wordpress.com I have my new blog w/o the hassle of administering a linux server. Yes, it’s a run-of-the-mill blog now but hey.. 🙂